Having a properly prepared Will that is enforceable and actually achieves what you want it to is a cornerstone of responsible estate pack planning.  Having a proper Will in Nova Scotia is in many ways an expression of caring for your loved ones as it makes dealing with your wishes and estate much easier and cost efficient.  Allen Law Inc. is able to provide professional advice in the preparation of Wills and Estate Planning to maximize your opportunities for a smooth transition that will achieve your wishes.  This includes setting up trusts for minor children or other dependents.

In addition to a Will, a Power of Attorney a Medical Directive and an Insurance Trust Agreement are also important documents to consider to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.  Each has a different purpose and use.  At Allen Law Inc., we are able to offer a special Estate Package to clients of Wills in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia.  We will prepare all these important documents , including professional advice.