Criminal Law

If you are seeking an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Nova Scotia and are facing the prospect of criminal prosecution, we have experience representing individuals at all levels of the Court within Nova Scotia. This includes representation in the Provincial Court and Supreme Court of Nova Scotia as well as the Court of Appeal. We have also appeared before various administrative tribunals of regulatory bodies. Criminal law services include assaults and threats, breathalyser and impaired driving offences in Nova Scotia, alleged domestic assaults, restraining orders (Peace Bond), defence of drug prosecutions (Controlled Drug and Substances Act), property offences, mischief, fraud, theft, sentencing and plea arrangements.

Charged with an offence, should I speak to the police?

General advice is no, it is not in your interest to speak to the police. If, after having advice, it seems that it makes sense to give a statement to the police and provide further information to answer any questions, it can be done so at a later date and in a fashion that does not prejudice your rights.

Remember, answers you give to the police might be misconstrued or used in ways you do not expect. For example, innocent admission about where you may have been or the colour jacket you were wearing could be used to tie you into a description that a witness gave of someone they saw at a crime scene even if you have had absolutely no involvement. This could lead the police to connect dots incorrectly and you end up facing criminal charges. In other words, you should not speak to the police until you have had legal advice to fully understand your rights and fully understand the reason behind the questions.

Regulatory offences

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If you are facing sentencing for criminal charges in Nova Scotia courts, it is important to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer to review you matter and represent your interests. The judge has a great deal of discretion at sentencing. The sentences can vary widely for similar offences depending upon the arguments your criminal defence lawyer will make and also, to some extent, the negotiations between the lawyer and Crown Attorney regarding facts, or the possibility of a joint recommendation on sentence, etc.

Criminal Trial

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Appearance at plea

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DUI / Impaired

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Domestic Assaults Act

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