Medical Directive

Having a Medical Directive can make it easier on your family and physicians.  You can appoint someone to deal with issues of medical treatment and end of life decisions when you are unable to participate.  You can make your wishes known to the person you designate. This can include your instructions in relation to extraordinary life extension measures.

Proving Medical Negligence / Malpractice in Nova Scotia

Success in a medical negligence claim depends on more than proof of an error in judgment or practice on the part of the health care professional.  It is also necessary to prove that the error causing the injury was of a kind that a reasonably careful professional would not have made under similar circumstances and that this actually caused the patient’s injury or death.

Part of determining if medical negligence occurs means that an expert review of the circumstances and review of all records will usually be required to overcome the objections the Canadian Medical Protective Association will certainly raise in defending your Action against any doctor involved.   At Allen Law Inc., our experience in properly investigating and proving medical negligence claims and our connections with experts who can review your treatment, means that your medical malpractice case will be handled knowledgably, compassionately and efficiently.