Life Insurance Claim Denial

Has your Insurance Company not dealt with you fairly?

All insurance companies in Nova Scotia and other provincial jurisdictions have an absolute duty to deal with their customers fairly.  If your insurance company does not honour its contractual obligations to you without any valid reason, you may have a bad faith claim against an insurance company.  For example, if you are denied benefits or payment on a policy for house insurance such as a fire loss, or are denied disability benefits, without this insurance company having valid grounds, you may have a claim for more than just the value of your loss.  This is because in a bad faith claim, courts can and will award additional amounts against an insurer for a breach of the insurance company’s important duty of good faith.  All Nova Scotian homeowner and disability insurance companies have this duty of good faith!

If you have any questions about your insurance coverage or claim and believe that you are not being dealt with fairly, contact Allen Law Inc. at our toll free number or via email; we are here to help!